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The People's Choice Podcast w/ TGtheHost

Was an idea introduced to TG in 2016 and after further thought and research, the idea came to fruition in October of 2017. TPCP is a platform for TG to bring news about any and everything that may be trending not only around the country but more specifically in his own society and culture.

The name is a tribute to TG's favorite athlete of all time, Muhammad Ali, who was The People's Champ and carried himself as such. So to be The People's Choice is more than just being a top choice for his listeners and audience, it is also a play on TG's overall personality and his social skills.

From news and sports to society and culture, TG shares his (not so) hot takes on a lot of topics that float around your social media timelines from day to day. 

TPCP is the first born to M.O.R.E. Entertainment L.L.C. Keep scrolling for access to all outlets to listen, subscribe, support and even submit topic ideas to TPCP. 

The People's Choice Podcast

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